Here come the hookers!

With the Superbowl over, the traveling whores of the world will soon be departing Arizona and heading to Denver and the Twin Cities.

As this article in the Rocky Mountain News points out, the sex business spikes when political conventions come to town. The first wave of online sex ads have already hit Denver, with offerings ranging from "Claudia the 'she-male porn star' to Erin the 'adorable college cutie,' whose $300-an-hour services are guaranteed to 'leave you breathless.'"

But if there's a dark cloud to the silver lining for the Denver ho's, it's that they didn't land the Republican convention instead:

"It would be a lot better for the sex workers if it was the Republican convention," she said. "We get a lot more business. I don't know if they're just frustrated because of the family values agenda."

For a preview of the sexual hijinx, check out this New York magazine article, The Girls in Their Summer Hotpants, which reported on the sex industry's preparations for the 2004 Republican National Convention. It's a fascinating tell-all that puts the lie to the "Moral" Majority--"Republicans are way freakier, probably because they’re way more repressed," says Mistress Natasha. "They can’t be kinky with their wives." I found this bizarre bit of roleplaying to be especially illuminating:

Another sex professional, 25-year-old Eve, says, “I don’t want to single out the Republicans, but they are majority male and a fairly wealthy group of people.” The on-again-off-again prostitute with streaked pixieish hair looks less like a hooker than a bartender at Galapagos—which made her ideal for one politically charged client last year. He’d asked her to show up at his apartment wearing a black hoodie with patches and no perfume or deodorant. “I said, ‘Do you want me to dress like a protester?,’ and he said, ‘Yeah.’ He tied me down, spanked me, and wanted to yell at me a lot. He said, ‘You bad girl! You smashed the Starbucks!’ He was a very conservative Wall Street banker, and he basically wanted to fuck the movement.”

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