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George W. Bush: Evidently no longer a Republican

After listening to hour after hour of speeches last night, I heard the words "change," "reform," and "outsider" in my sleep. Over and over again, in fact.

That's because every Republican speaker last night kept hammering on those themes. We kept hearing about this maverick outsider who has been a senator for two decades, and who is going to change the Washington establishment, which is made up of his party -- the one that has controlled the executive and judicial branch for all of the last eight years and the legislative for most of it.

One word I didn't hear in my sleep last night, thankfully, was "Bush," as in George W. That's because nobody wanted to talk about the guy. Guess how many times the sitting president was referenced last night? Answer after the jump.

Check out the transcripts. Of the eight speeches that were transcribed, including all the major speeches, the sitting president's name appears once. Once.

It's a casual reference, too, in Mitt Romney's address. His name, as ever, comes after Ronald Reagan's.

Did you hear any Democrats talk last week about the threat from radical, violent Jihad? Republicans believe that there is good and evil in the world. Ronald Reagan called-out the Evil Empire. George Bush labeled the terror- sponsor states the Axis of Evil.

In this eight speeches linked above, the Gipper is name-checked five times. Even in death, he gets quintuple the welcome.

Which is no surprise. Take every opinion survey, and one finds Bush's approval ratings range from the mid-20s to the low 30s. Even the highest of those scores are lower than Richard Nixon's were when he resigned in disgrace from the Watergate scandal.

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