Future New Yorker covers not about Obama

Future New Yorker covers not about Obama

The latest issue of the New Yorker has a controversial cover that Barack Obama's campaign -- and even a few Republicans -- call "tasteless." The image is intended to satirize right-wing attacks on Obama, portraying he and his wife as flag-burning terrorists that are, at least in Michelle Obama's case, heavily armed.

Defenders of the cover say it's parody. Opponents say it feeds right into a vicious and fact-free smear narrative.

Our own James Norton, who knows something about parody, has a new piece at Flak Magazine identifying other potential satirical covers for future New Yorker issues.

One example:

New Yorker cover, 07/28/08: JEW DIVES INTO DUMPSTER FOR PENNY

Oh, well, not a big deal. Yes, the Jew has a big nose, and is joined by several swarthy-looking, overweight Jew friends as they dive into a garbage-filled dumpster in search of a penny that has fallen from a bag on a nearby fire escape clearly labeled "pennies." The great thing about this illustration is that it gets you into the head of an anti-Semite, and says: "Look how ridiculous this is." Nobody would jump into a dumpster these days for just a penny.

That gives you some idea of Norton's take. The items pull no punches, that's for sure.

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