Fox News commentator supports assassinating Obama

When Fox News contributor Liz Trotta slipped up and called Barack Obama "Osama," you had to roll your eyes at another tired, standard "slip-up" on the world's biggest joke of a TV network.

But then it got worse. Much worse.

She called the Democratic candidate "Osama" after noting that some people had raised the possibility of an assassination. Prompted from offscreen that she'd flubbed the name, equating the murder of a political candidate with the murder of a terrorist, she giggled about the prospect of killing them both, "if we could".

Here's the video:

A right-wing pundit suggesting that the assassination of a presidential candidate would be just fine isn't really all that surprising. In fact, some have suggested assassinating sitting presidents and Supreme Court justices. You'll note that said commentator still gets regular airtime on major networks.

This is why people that equate the radical left in this country to the radical right are silly. The radical left is mostly marginalized, writes in small niche journals, and when they fantasize, they fantasize about arresting the president so that his alleged crimes can be adjudicated on in a court of law.

The radical right has ridiculous amounts of money, influence at the highest levels of power, and regularly appear on national television networks. Would any broadcaster on another network still have a job if they suggested killing John McCain was equivalent to killing Osama bin Laden? No. Will Liz Trotta? If anyone wants to bet that she'll be let go over this, I could use some free money.

On the plus side, I'm sure Joe Lieberman will immediately condemn this incivility in public discourse. For more comic relief, we have ninja Wikipedia editors.

Fox News commentator supports assassinating Obama

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