Follow the money--your neighbors' money

Follow the money--your neighbors' money

Bixby over at MnSpeak recently linked to Fundrace 2008, the amazing tool on Huffington Post that allows you to easily look up presidential campaign donations from celebrities, politicos ... or your neighbors. What followed in the comments section was an excellent example of crowd-sourcing, and I hope the various participants won't mind if I highlight some of their more interesting findings:

* The Pohlad family, the scions who own the Twins, have been splitting their money between Clinton and Obama.

* Neal Doughty of REO Speedwagon apparently can't fight this feeling anymore for Hillary Clinton--no surprise for a band whose most successful album was Hi Infidelity.

* Target employees take a shabby chic approach to campaign donations, ponying up $9,122, which was split pretty evenly between Democrats and Republicans. Meanwhile, General Mills is overwhelmingly Democratic, donating $11k to Dems and just $2k to the GOP.

* Car dealership celeb Denny Hecker and his wife both donated to Giuliani, though he appears to have had a change of heart and been swept up by Obamamania.

I'm sure there's even more interesting tidbits that can be culled from this widget, so feel free to post your findings in the comments.

/Hat tip: Bixby, Mpls Simpleton, jderusha, and miller

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