Fireworks! (Sparklers, whatever...)

With bats ablaze, the Minnesota Twins erupted for two whole runs today in Anaheim Stadium, losing a close game 6-2. As if awoken from a deep, deep, deep, deep slumber, our Twins, once written off, once derided for their inability to score, actually blasted two runs per game--you read that right--in this visit with the Los Angeles Angels of Disneyland. Had their pitching staff actually done their job, and shut out the Southern Californians on three straight days, this weekend might have been radically different.

"It's not Disneyland in here right now," Ron Gardenhire moped afterwards. Au contraire--a theme park is what you make of it. For the California Angels, taking three straight while holding your opponents to two runs per is a day in the sun with Mickey. After the game it was revealed that the Twins have scored only 87 times since the All-Star break, worst in the league. That means that Kansas City and Tampa Bay are scoring more runs, even though we have the reigning MVP and batting champeen, both of whom are Silver Sluggers. Which one might assume meant that they could slug. The ball, that is.

"We know these guys are good pitchers," Torii complained, yet this fails to explain the demeaning losses to the Kansas City Royals, who are not going to win any Cy Youngs this year. "It's tough to swallow," he said, referring to either the three losses or the two runs. I'm certain that he had a good cry in private, since he went 2 for 11 with a walk and a pair of K's. It matters not--he's still doing well enough to land a fat contract somewhere else in New York or Los Angeles.

So be it, so be it. If the Twins are going to get shut out as often as they do, then I think it behooves fans to gush whenever we can get one, or even two across in a game. Don't worry about what the other teams do, like, say, score six or seven... let's marvel at the sacrifice flies, and let other people whack their thundersticks over towering home runs. This is Twins Territory, and in Twins Territory two runs is enough.

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