Field notes from the RNC protests

Since my story isn't as dramatic as Andy Mannix's -- a few shoves, some jostling, and a gentle love-tap with a club or two -- I'm just going to run down some Thursday anecdotes that have fallen through the cracks.

If you're that interested in what happened to me personally (and thank you for the concern), feel free to ask. If you want harrowing and dramatic accounts of physical and chemical clashes, read Andy's post, or kick it up about 10 notches and watch this.

Sign of the Day: My favorite sign, a reference to this comic. Trust me, it's funny. Subtler than "I kissed a grill," but just as clever.

Runner-up: "If we hadn't protested Vietnam, McCain would still be a POW."

Jackass of the Day: No, this doesn't go to any of the provocative protesters, the Republican insiders, or even the turtle-suit clad officers who whacked me around a bit. Cops: like Tupac said, I ain't mad atcha.

No, jackass of the day goes to the fellow pictured below* -- a talking head with perfect hair. Before anything got bad, the protesters were marching toward the X. Cops got to John Ireland Boulevard first, and put a line of horses in place. When the march arrived, there was a thin corridor between the demonstrators and the horses. This is where most media people were.

Needless to say, it was tense. The horses got nervous, and everyone was close -- too close -- to each other. I was terrified a horse would spooked and trample someone. Worse, when I tried to take pictures, a horse kept nudging me with his nose, and I was afraid I'd have to share credit for my Pulitzer with Mr. Ed if I got anything good.

*Originally, I had a name here, until the fellow I had named wrote in assuring me it wasn't him. My apologies. The photo will have to do.

Field notes from the RNC protests

You're on notice, douchebag. More photos in the slideshow.

As I'm standing in this tiny demilitarized zone, a tie-clad fellow approaches me. "Excuse me," he says. And as I'm trying to maneuver in tight quarters to get out of his way, my steps are evidently not fast enough.

The guy shoves me out of the way. In a spot with maybe a foot of wiggle room. I'm about to fall into a group of seated protesters, and visions of my clattering gear startling 2,000 pounds of Equus and starting a stampede flash though my head.

Fortunately, I steadied myself. To Boyd's credit, he sort of apologized, kind of. To his shame, I saw him do similar stuff to other people. I should have told the police he was an anarchist plant and I saw him hoarding bottles of urine.

Video of the Day: Okay, the video of the day is really this staggering Fox footage of a young woman being repeatedly sprayed while waiting to be arrested. But this video shot by Andy Mannix shows officers targeting a particular demonstrator and then moving swiftly into the crowd to arrest him.

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