Favre's karma: Shock jock shocked

Remeber Lee Mroszak, aka "Cabe?" He's the former KQRS prankster who perpetrated a 1997 radio hoax in which he purported to catch Packer quarterback Brett Favre cheating on his wife. It caused a big furor at the time, and cost Mroszak his job. After that, Mroszak faded from view. In 1999, the former Gulf War vet resurfaced briefly in a Doug Grow column. By then, according to Grow, the former shock jock was out of radio, born again, sober and--great detail!--making his living by selling ads for a publication called Sex Inc.

The good times couldn't last.

Mroszak is back in the news again--this time for tax evasion. How'd he get caught? By being an idiot. More specifically, after resurrecting his provacateur act for the Howard Stern Show, Mroszak actually boasted on air that he hadn't paid his income taxes for three years. Naturally, an IRS agent/Stern fan opened an investigation and, last week, Mroszak, who now likes to be called "Crazy Cabbie," was sentenced by a federal judge to one year in prison.

Moral: Don't brag about your crimes, don't cross Brett Favre.

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