Farewell from Sarah White

Farewell from Sarah White

Below is an email from local hip-hop/R&B artist Sarah White, whom I interviewed at Culture to Go last week about her recent departure from Black Blondie and imminent relocation to New York City:

Hey Peter,

I just wanted to make sure to clarify in writing a couple of things (whether you do the article or not) because it was a little hard to think on a 3 min break at work via phone.

A. I have no beef with Black Blondie. They are what they are and will be what they will be. Tons of talent in that band. My leaving is for my personal growth as an artist and musician. I feel like I've gotten SO much out of Minneapolis and my fans that come along with this splendid city, but i need to reach out my "tentacles" (for lack of a better word) and connect and network with others to progress. I fuckin LOVE the support and creativity that lives in this city. I will be back...eventually

B. I will still be working with some of my favorites up and comers in Minneapolis from the east coast. Some of the collabs I'm currently working on are with Maria Isa, Aby Wolf (previously with Omaur Bliss--fucking amazing check her out on my top friends on myspace), Manifest, Desdamona, etc. I'm looking to hook up with some fresh recording studios, labels, etc in NY right when I get there so I can get out a full length but if not, I will put out an EP on my own this winter.. Jan/feb 2008 I'm guessing. And yes, me and Rico Mendez aka DJ Don Cuco are doing it all from our home as of now...no money once you pop out a baby...gotta pinch those pennies.

C. Other favorite memories from Minneapolis include: Heavy winds at the first hiphop and Harmony Playing Dre Day 2007..shit, playing any show at the Triple Rock lets get electric dance parties Bgirlbe Old Loring Pasta Bar parties ...and all the house parties I got a little to crunk at.

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