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Extreme Race Day at Canterbury Park

Camel racing is big business in Middle Eastern states and Australia, but obviously not so much in the US. Ostrich racing isn't really all that common outside of some places in Africa. Both animals will be sprinting around the track this Sunday, along with some strange versions of horse racing. 'Racy' images after the jump.

Fun Fact: Camel racing is also has led to advancements in robot jockey technology. Well, the sport itself hasn't led to affixing robots to camels backs instead of people, it was actually outrage by human rights groups that took issue with children being abused and forced into jockeying the beasts. At Canterbury on Sunday, the animals will be ridden by exercise riders on staff. That's cooler than abused kids riding, but not quite as cool as robots. Despite their goofy appearance, camels can run as fast as 45 mph. Oh, and there will be no betting on the camel and ostriches.


Photos by Beth Rutzebeck.

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