Euro Cup 2008 live at the Nomad

Hooligans, as I write this Cristiano Ronaldo is doing something tricky and sneaky with a soccer ball. He’s trying to lead mighty Portugal to the Euro Cup 2008 title.

Now, because of the time difference, all Euro Cup games are played around noon. And this being soccer, it is mind numbing to watch it without a tall pint of booze in both hands. (Side note: an Irish man told me the Irish invented the no hands rule to make sure each team was sufficiently and equally sloshed during the matches… and as for the goalie, he acted as the designated driver.)

Hence the problems of watching it live at a local pub.

So that’s why we must thank god for the Nomad World Pub. The bar has been opening up early every single day to broadcast Euro Cup 2008, live. They even invite folks to BYOM (bring your own meat), as the grills will be on and available for free. We’re not sure if that violates any health codes, but we’re sure it’s legal... somewhere. Also, for any old Italian men in the area, the bocce ball courts are open, too.

Getting back to Ronaldo, is he hot or what? His dribbling skills are comparable to with Joe Mauer’s ability to pound a hanging curveball into the left field wall. Except with Ronaldo, by the sheer fact of being Portuguese, each athletic accomplishment is a religious experience. (Aside from the “doh” forehead slapping penalty kick he took in the Champions League Final… that was heresy.) Today, he is going against the mighty Czech team led by goalie of the same name, Petr Cech.

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