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This is a pretty cool SI article about Memphis's incredibly high-scoring Dribble-Drive Motion offense, as it's known, which is based on the radical notions that players should be more than just automatons and that basketball should be fun to play. The article is pretty good, for Sports Illustrated (not too much about what John Calipari's Mom taught him about commitment or whatever, more about basketball) and the discussion of the offense is really interesting if you like that kind of stuff. Calipari seems pretty slimy and Pitino-esque to me, but I'm intrigued by the notion of him voluntary relinquishing power to his players. This is the money quote:

In fact, Calipari says he now does far more coaching in practice than during games, when he used to bark out play calls nearly every trip down the court. "The biggest strength of this offense," Walberg says, "is I feel we're teaching kids how to play basketball instead of how to run plays."

How to play basketball, huh? Imagine that!

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