Email from a friend in Bankok

Well, unless things change tonight (and you all will probably know that before I do since I'm going to sleep shortly), things seem to be getting back to normal here. Businesses and schools are open tomorrow and the military have said they will turn the government back over to the people in 2 weeks. The airport remains open and when I look out the window, there are people and cars moving around as usual (as opposed to this morning when all was quiet). There appears to have been no violence and I am taking the fact that my CNN and BBC are back on the air to be a good sign (though a few times when the commentator was about to say something about Thaksin, the station got blanked out for a minute). People I spoke with who were out and about today said everything was quite easy going on the streets and where there were soldiers, tourists were posing with them for pictures and Thai people were giving them flowers and drinks. Many people in Bangkok really hated Thaksin (the ousted PM). Thanks for all your well wishes.

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