Elephant Photo Caption Contest

This New York Times video still has to be the political photo of the week.


If not because of Mitt Romney's perfect Ken doll hair or McCain’s open-mouthed, ecstatic smile, then because the white backdrop almost makes the two executive branch wannabees look like they are in a mystical Republican Dreamland.

Why is it the Beauty School Drop Out scene from Grease comes to mind?

Never mind that, a photo like this, needs a caption!

Here’s what we like to think they are saying when the recorders are turned off.

"So you think my tan will lead to melanoma? Pretty funny, eh? Fuck you, John!"

"Actually, John, I'm trying to look like Brian Williams of NBC news."

"So a pro-choice Mormon walks into a bar..."

"Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran!"

"I told you, that underwear is SACRED."

"Hey John, Have you heard the one about the catholic, the jew, and the colored boy who went to heaven?"

"Mock me for losing the primary again, and I'll flip a coin with your wife for her whole bankroll."

"Never mind about you taking over, I'm never going to die. I got a hundred more years."

"HA HA HA HA torture is so funny. Trust me, I've lived through it and America loves it!"

"What, you noticed my sparkling white teeth? Thanks John, I bleach them."

"Say you're pro choice again and I'll waterboard your ass."

As you can see, we desperately need your help. Post your ideas in the comments section below or send them to [email protected]

Here it is, one more time, for good measure:

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