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Dragon's Den reopens in New Orleans

Dragon's Den reopens in New Orleans
Dragon's Den reopens in New Orleans

Good news and photos from my friend Machelle in New Orleans:

The Dragon's Den Social Aid and Pleasure Club finally reopened last night! NOLA just got 4.328 percent better. This fact computed using complex scientific formulae.

I really went to see Zydepunks, but I get sleepy, so I had to leave after the "Why are we building such a big ship?" accordian and brass band set. God I love this place. I am 69.469 percent happier today than I was yesterday.

Also, Zotz reopened in the Marigny, but they moved downstairs from Dragon's Den. This also increases the goodness of NOLA, by 3.672%. Their new bathroom is not as cool as their old bathroom, but otherwise bravo, kids.

Later, Mac

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