Doom and Gloom

The Twins lost late last night 4-3 in the ninth inning, when Seattle's Richie Sexson smashed a homer off Matt Guerrier. This drops us to 1-6 on this road trip, and is beginning to make me think that perhaps our intrepid GM Terry Ryan is a genius. Perhaps he alone knew that if he paid the big bucks for a slugger, why it'd be like luring a saber-toothed tiger into a tar pit. One bat wasn't going to jump-start this sorry group.

Granted, the Twins played a decent pitcher in Felix Hernandez. Then again, this is a strange land called Major League Baseball, so it might behoove the local nine to understand that, now and then and even for stretches of time, you face decent pitching.

That's OK, that's OK--the last series we averaged two runs a game, and this series we're already up to three runs! Pathetic, I say. Soon, the Twins overburdened pitching staff is bound to collapse, and when it does, things will get even uglier. Which is hard to believe. So let's give a big cheer to the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians for keeping this a race, and making the Central Division, once the cream of the crop, suddenly looking beat-up... and beatable.

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