Digg War fought over John McCain YouTube clip

Digg War fought over John McCain YouTube clip

There's currently a Digg tug-of-war being fought between the McCain Brigade and Daily Kossacks.

It all started with a YouTube clip called, "The Commander in Chief Test."

When user jedreport originally posted it, it got lots of Diggs, and it deserved them. The clip is laugh-out-loud funny, whether you want to vote for Obama or not.

Then a bunch of pro-McCain diggers came along and used the X Bury button to suppress the clip.

Now it's back, and after you watch it, you can "digg it" here.

Updated and bumped (3:11PM): The McCain bury brigade buried this on digg despite getting 180 diggs in the first 2 hours. When will they ever learn? Anyway, you know what to do: please redigg and spread the word.

Update 2 (4:33PM): Wow. On the frontpage of digg in less than 90 minutes. Incredible!

Via jedreport's DailyKos diary.

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