Democracy: Practice makes perfect

If you're as absent-minded as I am and forgot that your Minnesota Music Awards ballot was due today (or never heard about it at all--next year, I hope they'll add a fax or email option), at least don't forget to cast your vote in the primary election Tuesday, September 14. This is another election where there are so few voters, your vote ends up counting extra. Polls close at 8:00 p.m. Here's more information on how to vote, where to vote, and who to vote for:

The Green Papers 2004 Election Page

Minnesota Secretary of State page

Star Tribune elections page

Where to vote

League of Women Voters Elections Page

As you go in: Here are a few last laughs on the Sloganator, which managed to rewrite the Bush/Cheney slogan in countless ways.

Putting it in perspective: Women's suffrage photos at the Library of Congress

One Hundred Years Toward Suffrage: An Overview

Oh, and Steve Perry's right about the Democrats, nationally at least: "Given the choice between winning what might prove an unruly victory and running yet another me-too campaign that will likely lose (but without upsetting their real base, which consists largely of the same funding sources as the Republicans), they take the second path every time."

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