Deep inside the Trojan condom bus

Most everyone has ignored the yellow and black Trojan bus. It sat empty the first two days of the convention. It's parked on west 7th street in the back of a parking lot, across the street from the Starbucks where Bob Barr set up camp yesterday. But there are plenty of cute girls around who will gladly give a guy a tour for free. As all of them reminded me constantly, condoms are non-partisan.

Allison, the freckled faced Trojan Condom girl and graduate of UW-Madison took me deep inside the bus. It’s been stripped to a party bus, with flat screen televisions broadcasting out the message of contraception goodness. There is also a display on one side of the bus showing off the 30 different types of condoms Trojan produces. In the back are two private booths-- unfortunately, they’re not for testing out the products. But folks can record private messages and tell alls inside them and can make a promise to strap a sheath on before they brandish their pork sword.

Allison said the travels have been fun and exciting, but she refused to offer any political opinions. And Trojan has no statement regarding Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. “That’s a family issue,” said Allison in her best PR voice, “We’re just here to get the word out.” She then ticked off statistics about STIs and HIV outbreaks. “People need to realize this is an epidemic. I mean, 1 in 4 New Yorkers have herpes.”

We’re guessing that two of them are Giambi and A-Rod.

The Trojan condom bus will stay through Thursday morning. Allison said they are just starting to get more people to venture into their bus. “It’s been slow. The first day was canceled and the yesterday was rainy. But today and tomorrow we hope to see more,” she adds.

And you know conservatives will be ready to hump after watching the Miss Alaska runner-up go naughty librarian on their asses tonight.

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