David Campbell: Mr. Blue Sky

David Campbell: Mr. Blue Sky

Read my profile of David Campbell, the E.L.nO. guitarst and Local Show guest-host (more here), then go see him with the great local band Accident Clearinghouse on Friday opening for Le Cirque Rouge Cabaret and Burlesque at Lee's. Hope to make it after a day at the races.

David Campbell: Mr. Blue Sky

Accident Clearinghouse also play the wedding of Dan Haugen (radio's "the Dan One") and Amy Softich (brilliant and beautiful sister of singer Sara Softich) on Sunday up in Northern Minnesota. Sara will sit in with the band.

I snapped the photo above when I caught Dan and Amy on what turned out to be their second date, in April 2006 at the Turf Club, and it was a happy epiphany: I knew both of them separately before they moved to Sioux Falls, had no idea they knew each other, saw them together, and in an instant knew they were perfect for each other. It's their first photo together. All happiness, Dan and Amy. Toasty and I can't wait.

David Campbell: Mr. Blue Sky

Howwastheshow's photographer-about-town David de Young took great pictures of Sunday night's Suicide Commandos (MySpace) show at the Minnesota State Fair for the Howwastheshow flickr (including the one of Chris Osgood above), while Jim Walsh took a bunch more for emergent blogzine Reveille (that's "REV-illy," right?). Toasty and some guy with a beard are in both. It was a perfect night. (More at TCPunk.)

Here's a set list from the show (courtesy of Modern Radio message board): 1. Burn It Down 2. Attacking the Beat 3. She 4. Monster A Go Go 5. Tent 6. I’ll Wait 7. Little Red Book 8. Real Cool 9. The Hunter 10. Fireball 500 11. Nervous Breakdown 12 Slow Down (Beatles) 13. MotorBikin’ 14. You Can’t 15. It’s My Life (Animals) 16. Kidnapped 17. Weekend Warrior 18. I Need a Torch 19. Complicated Fun.

David Campbell: Mr. Blue Sky

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David Campbell: Mr. Blue Sky

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