DailyKos Diarist: Minnesota is ready for Obama!

Everything you want to know about organizing for Obama here in Minnesota is contained in

this Daily Kos diary

that is currently among the "Most Recommended." The countdown to the February 5th caucus--now with 100 percent more meaningfulness!--begins after the jump!

Among the highlights: There are seven offices in Minnesota. The two biggies:

Minneapolis Headquarters 212 N 3rd Avenue Suite 340 Minneapolis, MN 55401 Phone: 612-968-4738

Minnesota State Headquarters 2233 University Ave Suite 225 St. Paul, MN 55114 Phone: 651-645-2008

There's also this handy link to the Online HQ. Where you can discuss what Obama had to say about Martin Luther King Jr. He said it on CNN during the Democratic debate which you can see on this YouTube clip embedded here:

The most important reference for new voters will be this great guide on how and where to caucus. It's worth reading regardless of who you support--we could all use a refresher on the mechanics of caucuses.

In closing, the diarist says Obama's grassroots campaign is in the same spirit as several well-known Minnesotans:

Just to add a personal note. It is vitally important to get organized and we have been fighting for a long time in Minnesota. This is a battle that has been going on for a long time in Minnesota. The grassroots vs the establishment. The establishment won in the 06 process with Hatch, they won in 04 with Kerry. But there candidates always lose. It's the grassroots candidates like Paul Wellstone, Keith Ellison and Barack Obama who win in the GE and I don't want to lose again. Help us win. Get active. And I will close with some classic Wellstone: "Never separate the life you live from the words you speak."

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