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Creepiest moments from tonight's RNC speeches

3. Mike Huckabee telling a touching story about a teacher who taught her students a valuable lesson about respecting veterans ... which left onlookers uneasy about the purple bandaids belittling John Kerry's war wounds during the last convention.

2. Rudy Giuliani's catchphrase in support of more offshore oil production. Is there anything creepier than a serial adulterer that looks like Count Chocula leading a chant of “drill, baby, drill”?

Creepiest moments from tonight's RNC speeches

1. Hilarious off-message moment: after leading the crowd in a chant of “zero” earlier in reference to executive experience, Rudy tried to change the message to that of Obama as flip-flopper. “How many times have we seen Barack Obama do this flip-flopping?” From the back of the X near where I was sitting, one guy immediately shouted “ZERO!”

I'm pretty sure he realized his mistake quickly. I'm equally sure he wasn't the only one who did this.

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