Complicated Fun at Culture to Go: a roundup

class=img_thumbleft>Even my friends don't read what I write at


is complicated enough. So for their convenience and yours, here's a sampling of still-relevant highlights from "that other blog" posted over the past couple months (with most recent first):

The King of France play

tonight (as in Oct. 11),

'Scene Minneapolis: 1977-1986'

screens tonight (also Oct. 11),

Doomtree made into dolls at Robot Love


New Public Enemy available only at... Best Buy?

(plus informative response),

MMA Meltdown

(rad photo by Lindsey),

Muppets reality show?

(plus Mr. T graphic),

"The only animal that needs controlling"

(Hook and Pelecanos on humans),

Diana Watters, R.I.P.

(links to tributes and photos),

Rich Mattson moving back to the Iron Range

(plus shows list),

The Loop: 'This Minnesotan Life'?

(great show),

ReBirth rocks the Cabooze

(a transcendant moment for local New Orleanians),

Local graffiti artist in Strib

(with complete local graf links),

Little Red Footballs?

(they never noticed this, thank God),

Best Katrina Hip-Hop

(still hoping to add to this),

Garrison Keillor suppresses "Prairie Ho Companion" T-shirts

(Rex says I can have one)...

CBGB: "open until the cops come" (still open), Minutemen documentary links, and my take (too talky), Why City Pages could really suck soon (a history of Village Voice Media ownership and New Times cooperation), Ant to Tour with Atmosphere (snapshot before fame), Christgau comments on Voice pay cuts (snapshot before merger), Christopher Walken for president! (why not), Pro wrestler the Sheikh of Baghdad escaped Saddam in real life (good book)

Some other items you might have missed New Times to Take over City Pages? (update at Blotter), Keep up with hurricane benefit shows at (bi-weekly updates), My interview with Derrick Tabb of ReBirth Brass Band in City Pages (all stories worth reading)

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