Coming home to 'K-Ville'

Coming home to 'K-Ville'

The Odd in 1998, photographed by Daniel Corrigan

Before I sign off for some much needed vacation (minus a couple stories I'm still finishing--ain't that always the way), I wanted to give this blog's hearty thumbs up to the new Fox TV series K-Ville (Mondays at 8 p.m. Central; Wikipedia enty), a cop show set in post-Katrina New Orleans. Melodramatic? Check. Convoluted? Check. Visually overcooked and hyper-edited to the point where the cops running on foot seem to beam straight into their already-racing cars? Check.

But along with Thief, the program shows what a rich landscape for reality-based fiction New Orleans is, and the lead actors are fantastic, while the poignance of the real-life situation can only be ignored by those industry dolts at Variety (the NY Times was gentler). Anything helping to direct national attention back to this ongoing national failure and tragedy is good, but the show is more compelling as entertainment than I could have hoped for. Here's Humid Haney's minute-by-minute New Orleans accuracy test.

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