Come back Mitt! All is forgiven.

Behold a pale horse: Mitt Romney might be coming back.

[Image from Overcompensating]

With the emerging lobbyist scandal creating issues for the McCain campaign, the Los Angeles Times reports that Mitt might re-enter the race, and that he maintains control of the 300 delegates he won previously. Being stupendously wealthy helps. Quoth the Times:

"A Ticket item here Sunday noted Romney's graceful exit from the Republican race, which was characterized by the unusual absence of a follow-up plea for donations to retire campaign debt. The Romney campaign cost $98 million, $42.3 million of it contributed by the candidate himself."

Yes, that graceful exit where he said the Democratic candidate winning would constitute a surrender to terror. After spending 42 million of your own money, taking a swipe at half the country is the only dignified way out.

Speaking as one of those so tarred: come back, Mitt! All is forgiven. We need you to hold the banner for True Conservatives (tm) against John McCain, if you've decided to be a true conservative this year. And if you haven't, we could just use you to lead us to a brokered convention.

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