Colorado fears Boogaard

With the score out of reach in the first blowout of the series, Game 4 got chippy and also gave us the first fisticuffs. So which of the many goons on the Wild did the Colorado Avalanche decide to throw down with? Stephane Veilleux, a 181 pounder who hardly holds a reputation as a prolific pugilist:

While Veilleux was in the penalty box, there was a lot of chirping between him and Cody McLeod, the gap-toothed agitator who earlier took a cheap shot at Eric Belanger, boarding him when he didn't have the puck.

In fact, the Colorado Avalanche have made being pussies a major part of their playoff strategy, according to this Strib story. But that hasn't deterred Wild enforcer Derek Boogaard from calling them out. Here's Boogaard on McLeod:

"I'm pretty sure it's the same McLeod that my brother [Aaron, former Wild draft pick and current Pittsburgh farmhand] was chasing after in juniors. My brother said he pulled the same stuff. That's probably why he has no front teeth -- somebody caught him."

And on Ian Laperriere, who was brave against the smaller Veilleux ("He plays hard and he knows he has to back it up, and he did.") but skates for the bench when tougher guys are around:

"Tell Laperriere to step up [tonight] if he wants to say that," Boogaard said.

Why are they so afraid of the Boogeyman? Here's a sampling of three YouTube clips from Derek Boogaard's Greatest Hits.

Boogaard's marathon beatdown on D.J. King

Boogaard breaks the face of his future teammate, Todd Fedoruk

Boogaard vs. the glass at prospects camp

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