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City Pages conflict-of-interest Top 10 2006

City Pages conflict-of-interest Top 10 2006

Here are the Top 10 public highlights from "our circle" in 2006--i.e. authors, musicians, and critics who have received (or still do receive) a paycheck from City Pages (sorry, Chuck). This isn't a list of best stories or controversies; write your own list for that.

10. Katy Reckdahl moves back to New Orleans.

9. Now syndicated, Rob Nelson (Year in Film) gets a Rotten Tomatoes page.

8. (tie) City Pages sweeps 2006 Minnesota SPJ Page One awards (with nods to "New Orleans: Survivor Stories," Beth Hawkins, Paul Demko, G.R. Anderson, Britt Robson, and more). Meanwhile, Dara Moskowitz gets two James Beards.

7. (tie) Melissa Maerz survives firings at Spin magazine, stays on as associate editor. (The year-end issue is like a City Pages reunion, with Will Hermes, Jon Dolan, Mikael Wood, Michaelangelo Matos, and Lindsey Thomas.)

Elsewhere, Dolan becomes senior music critic for Blender; Jon Caramanica becomes music editor for Vibe; and Longtime CP contributor Robert Christgau moves on to Rolling Stone, NPR, and MSN.com. As Dennis Lim takes his critics poll to Indiewire, Michaelangelo Matos edits, and writes the lead essay for, Idolator's new music poll (Rod Smith helps), and is subsequently banned from writing for City Pages. Village Voice Media LLC employees are instructed not to vote in the poll, though at least one employee defies the gag order (more here).

6. (tie) Ann Ursu rounds the bases of baseball bloggerdom as Bat-girl, publishes The Shadow Thieves (Atheneum). Meanwhile, Eric Dregni (hello, Vinnie?) publishes five books: Midwest Marvels: Roadside Attractions across Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin; Weird Minnesota; Follies of Science: 20th Century Visions of Our Fantastic Future; Zamboni: The Coolest Machines on Ice; Scooter Bible: From Cushman to Vespa, the Ultimate History and Buyer's Guide.

5. Jim Walsh releases CD as the Mad Ripple, hosts hootenannies.

4. (tie) Jim DeRogatis's Sound Opinions begins airing on 88.3 FM the Current. Meanwhile, Zak Sally champions Tool on ABC News (hello, Pitchfork, he wrote that article for City Pages).

3. Former City Pages editor Monika Bauerlein becomes editor in chief of Mother Jones.

2. Theater critic Quinton Skinner hooks me late with his gripping 2005 thriller 14 Degrees Below Zero, leaving this fan to play catch-up with his short-story contribution in this year's Twin Cities Noir (yada), also featuring Brad Zellar.

1. Diabo Cody publishes a hit memoir, Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper (Gotham), and makes a rock-star appearance on Letterman. Hey, even my dad was excited about this.

I need the glory:

Trama rhymes "internet bullies" with "Pete Scholtes" on this track from The Mixed Up Tape. (Actually, it's SHOLE-tiss, but who cares). He performs at that CD's release party on January 25 at the Dinkytowner.

Recently posted elsewhere: Michael Yonkers cheats death--barely (CTG 1/18/07), 3 quick questions: Afrika Bambaataa (A-List/CTG 1/17/07), Minnesota Jukebox: Anti-death-penalty country, MN bubblegum, and the Flamin' Oh's (CP 1/10/07), Paul Nelson in the year-end Rolling Stone (CTG 1/8/07), Grandmaster Flash cracks Rock Hall of Fame (CTG 1/8/07), Minnesota native on 'Ego Trip's (White) Rapper Show' (CTG 1/8/07), ballot in Strib's critics poll (Star Tribune 1/4/07), Artist of the Year: P.O.S. (CP 12/27/06), Local Music Yearbook '06 (CP 12/20/06), P.O.S.'s album of the year (CP 12/20/06).

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