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Chivas Guadalajara v. D.C. United

This almost slipped my mind. Tonight is the return leg of the CONCACAF Champions Cup showdown between D.C. United and Chivas Guadalajara. Catch it at 8:30 CST on Fox Soccer Channel.

The D.C. leg ended in a 1-1 draw, and that was a fortunate result for the Americans. They were markedly outplayed by their Mexican counterparts and needed a last-minute equalizer by Luciano Emilio to keep it from being an outright disaster. Chivas did a remarkable job of keeping tight pressure on D.C., shut down their midfield, and exposed the MLS squad's lack of speed. Perhaps that shortcoming will be rectified tonight with the possible D.C. debut of Brazilian midfielder Fred (no, not the one from Lyon).

Facundo Erpen has been brutal in the Champions Cup games. He should terrify any D.C. partisan.

For the inside dirt on D.C.'s training camp in Mexico (and multiple hilarious Emilio videos) visit BobbyBoswell.com. For the best American soccer writer outside of Grant Wahl, see Soccer Insider (which has an update on, of all people, Kenny Arena). For a top-notch primer on the Chivas match see the incomparable DCenters. And for the most inane, hilarious, sometimes soccer-centric, sometimes cheese-centric blog on the planet visit the D.C. Sports Bog.

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