California cluster: will hundreds of thousands of ballots go uncounted?

This could be huge. The LA Weekly is reporting that perhaps as many as 776,000 Los Angeles County voters are in danger of having their presidential votes go uncounted.


Basically, if you're registered Nonpartisan, and you want to vote in the open primary for the Democratic candidate, you have to fill out an extra bubble.

In order for any of the county's 776,000 voters who have registered Nonpartisan to vote in the open primaries for the Democratic or American Independent parties, they would have to mark an extra bubble on the ballot naming the party for which they wished to cast a cross-over ballot. After a weekend of research, Jacobs says, contacted the office of L.A.'s Registrar of Voters on Sunday and were told it was true -- an extra bubble had to be inked, and, yes, it could prove to be a big headache on election day. The bottom line: If the “declaration” bubble is not inked on a Nonpartisan ballot, the voter's presidential preference would be voided, though not the part pertaining to propositions.

Reports are coming out that poll workers were not informing voters of this, at least at first, so there's no telling how many ballots might be affected. It's probably fine -- it's not like California could be the essential turning point of the Democratic nomination and hence pivotal to deciding the leader of the free world.

This evidently is not an issue for Republican voters in the county, because the California Republican primary is not an open primary.

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