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Buy me some P****** and Cracker Jacks…

Hey, Planter’s Peanut Man. The Twins have officially banned you from their skyboxes for three home games. That’s right… some people don’t want your snooty monocle interfering with their baseball experience.

So your kind is not welcome, Mr. Peanut. And it is direct result of folks getting deathly ill when consuming your species. They took their fight to the management and have successfully persuaded the front office to provide them with choice seats, on account of the century plus years of seventh inning harassment.

The Twins released the news on the website yesterday:

The Minnesota Twins today announced the Skybox will be peanut-free and available exclusively for individuals with peanut allergies and their families for selected games during the 2008 season.

No word yet if the seventh inning stretch will beep out the word “peanuts” in the infamous song.

Maybe just replace it with the word “EpiPen?”

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