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Bring more noise, danger, and New Orleans



DangerDoom today: "If they'd really wanted to go for the crossover ring they could have packaged [the CD] with an economy-sized bag of Cheetos and the cell number of a reliable dealer." Speaking of mercenary, Matos and I earned an extra check each this week by freelancing DangerDoom


to each other's newspapers. (More links


.) Which is perfectly ethical, by the way, as we did them on our own time. (If I sound like I'm writing for the benefit of higher-ups checking out my blog, I am. And no, I'm not stoned. I'm not eating Cheatos, either.)

I also


Public Enemy in today's City Pages. Elsewhere, Wired

amplifies my line

about PE's internet future (official PE site


). Read


about Houston's

Legendary K.O.

, who cut the other great Katrina track mentioned in my piece. (The CP article will have links tomorrow.) And check out Chuck D's moving

Oct. 3 editorial

on New Orleans:

It should be a requirement for artists to just know that somehow their debt is rooted there well before Cash Money, Juvie & No Limit.

Longhair was Professin long before brother Griff, X, or the 'Large. The Meters will forever be funky...

Sadly these names don't ring bells to the MTV-BET generation, but to the brass of record companies, publishers, government, and the Viacommed heads they remain as folklore hall of famers. It should ring the same for all.

Culture to Go roundup: 'Purple Rain' tonight, 'Sign O' the Times' Saturday (on the big screen!), Spin and Vibe for sale (comments?), 'Double Black Album' guy cuts local rap who's-who (show on Saturday), Umbrella Bed keep local ska hopping (shows this weekend), The death of alternative media, part two (Punk Planet distro woes), Culture to Go: Fashion is the Fashion (show tonight!), Freestyle Fridays at Digital City (ongoing rap battles), What would Wellstone do? (observe the anniversary of his death?), Blue Nile fun (my Viewmaster photo)

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