Blue Turns to Pink: an interview with Bob Mould


class=img_thumbleft>What do you do when you interview your punk hero of 20 years for the first time? You

ask all the dumb questions

you've stored up. Like, "Was 'The Biggest Lie' about somebody going back in the closet?" I actually did better than that, but given the (um) thematic emphasis of my

Bob Mould

portrait in today's City Pages, I'm still self-conscious about it. Funny that my only other musical option tonight (after


and I make a CD at Sam Goody) is catching Faggot play a show at

Big V's

for the first time in a year (with Haunted House; Giggle; Happy Mother's Day, I Can't Read; and Jon Bon Jeri). Of course, no fan of

Hüsker Dü



could miss seeing Mould play with a band that includes drummer Brendan Canty, as he does this evening at

First Avenue

. (Fügazi?) I take it you've read the Mould interviews in the


, the


, and the


, but have you seen the one with

Brendan Canty (and Joe Lally)

in Space City Rock?

Click photo:

Grant Hart and Bob Mould photographed by

Tony Nelson

at last year's

benefit for Karl


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