Black Merch Dudes Get No RNC Love

Black Merch Dudes Get No RNC Love

Stanley Stone, like most merch dudes at the RNC, is experiencing crappy sales. He holes up his shop on the Library steps and hocks John McCain t-shirts and hats to delegates and audience members lining up to enter into Xcel. But he’s longing for the days of Obama in Denver. Just one week old it’s already becoming a historic moment in the history of merchdom.

“Obama was off the hook,” says Stone.

But the McCain supporters aren’t so great. While Stone was eating like a fat cat at the DNC, he barely sold three t-shirts and a button in 6 hours of work, hocking like a pro.

“Watch this,” he says and then gets up off his foldable stool. He walks toward the security line in his suede leather boots with a McCain/Palin 08 silk screen in hand. “Buy this and buy a vote! You buy this… you buy my vote. I swear.”

He looks back at me after twenty or so people walk past. "Told you so, told you so, sucka. Haha!" Then he walks back toward me and tosses one shirt on the library railing to grab another one. “These cats here… whoooo,” he says, shaking his head with disgust. “Hard sells. Hard sells.”

But honestly, it seems a little awkward to have a black guy rocking McCain gear. It’s sort of like having a bearded man knocking at your door selling girl scout cookies. And the suits and button hats strolling past him all seem scared. They give him polite smiles and then hustle past at a quick clip.

“Boo…boo, is all I got to say to this,” he says and adds. “Boo…boo. That’s how good sales are. Boo… boo.”

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