Bill Simmons doesn't think you should root for the Lakers

I know, I know, he's a Celtics fan, so that's not news. But in his latest "Myths and Truths about the Celtics-Lakers rivalry" piece, there's an element of local relevance:

Myth: It's an East Coast/West Coast thing. Truth: Actually, Boston swept the Minneapolis Lakers in 1959. Owner Bob Short moved the Lakers two years later, robbing Minnesota of two legends—Elgin Baylor, Jerry West—and starting five decades of sports agony. Making matters worse, the L.A. Lakers was the dumbest team name for nearly 20 years, until the Jazz relocated to Utah. If you root for the Lakers, you not only implicitly support nonsensical team names, you've helped to desecrate Minnesota sports.

There you have it. Tough, but fair.

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