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Best of Complicated Fun 2006

10 things I posted last year that my friends might actually read, in chronological order. (Above: Me talking to Ice Cube at McNally Smith.)

1. "You can't do all of it by yourself": a tribute to Coretta Scott King (Complicated Fun, February 3, 2006).

2. Can't Go Home: Juvenile's New Orleans, the ghost town America made (City Pages, April 5, 2006), with more photos here.

3. Audio: James Baldwin and Malcolm X (Complicated Fun, April 25, 2006).

4. Top ten blurry highlights from Homegrown (Culture to Go, May 9, 2006), more photos here.

5. photos from Art-A-Whirl (Complicated Fun, May 24, 2006).

6. "Desmond Dekker Came First": the real-life "007" (Complicated Fun, June 2, 2006).

7. "Something about that song haunts you": A history of "We Shall Overcome" (Complicated Fun, June 9, 2006).

8. "Out Loud: They scream. They wear tacos for underwear. Meet Faggot, rock's next big gay thing" (City Pages, June 21, 2006), more photos here, plus Lindsey's account of treasure hunting here.

9. Ten Thousand Bullets: D.C. lifer George Pelecanos writes about murder, drug feuds, riots, dog-fighting--and also a little violence (City Pages, July 19, 2006) with more Q's and A's here.

10. Reggaeton Animal: Immigrant dreams, dirty dancing, and the revolution: Meet the new Latin hip hop of Maria Isa and Danny y Elliot (City Pages, November 22, 2006), with more photos and links here.

Bonus track: Living Like a Monk: How Minnesota musicians revived '60s rockers the Monks (City Pages, August 16, 2006).

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