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I've been blogging this week, just not here: Check out my complete links for the Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop (starting today), these recommendations for the Black Film Festival (ditto), this piece on Village Voice pay cuts, and more on the Owls (also today) and Christopher Walken for President at Culture to Go, a.k.a.

So have fun this weekend, but if you're among the hundred or so people who have been invited to participate in this year's Picked to Click "best new band" poll by editor Dylan Hicks, don't forget to write and send your ballots by Monday. (If you haven't been invited, and are a music-scene honcho who wants to take part, click that link for Dylan's email and make your case to him.) The deadline is Monday at 5:00 p.m. and I'll post my own choices that morning. (Lindsey has posted a list of her own suggestions.) Meanwhile, here are the top vote-getters from previous polls, from 1991's Walt Mink (pictured) to 2004's Olympic Hopefuls (fuck you, Olympics committee), with vote totals in parentheses. Hey, that's my old band Andromeda Strain hanging in at eighth place in 1993.

Picked to Click Winners 1991-2004


Walt Mink (31)

The Loose Rails (24)

God's Favorite Band (19)

The Willie Wisely Trio (16), the Mighty Mofos (tie)

Draghounds (14)

Monster Zero (13), Rifle Sport (13)

Snapperhead (12)

T.V.B.C. (11)

Arcwelder (10), Cows (tie)

Mother's Day (9)

Jonestown, Pseudonymphs, the Mings, Dylan Hicks & Three Pesos, Dutch Oven, Superball '63, Vertigo (8)



Hammerhead (38)

The Carpetbaggers (37)

Muskellunge (34)

Gneissmaker (18)

Mickey Finn (17)

Salbando, Cows (13)

The Pidgeonholes, Superball '63, the Loose Rails, Jonestown (12)

Walt Mink, Skeleton Ed (11)

Mint Condition, the Sycamores (10)



Guzzard (27)

Rex Daisy (24)

The Spectors (21)

Balloon Guy, John's Black Dirt (16)

Saucer (15)

Hovercraft (13)

Dogfight (12)

Tim O'Reagan and Jim/Dave Boquist, Somethin' Smooth, Ten Cent Fun, Andromeda Strain (9)



Lily Liver (41.5)

Low (26)

Smattering (19.5)

John Casey and the Old Pussums, Lefty Lucy (19)

Pleasure, Small Engine City (17)

Balloon Guy (16)

Bean Girl (14)

Hot Date (12.5)

Karen Therese and Jai Cafe (12)

Fauna (11.5)

Delilahs, Grows Like Topsy, the Sea, Venison, Vibro Champs (10)



Tribe of Millions (36)

Polara (31.5)

Phull Surkle and Casino Royale (22)

February (19)

Honeydogs,  National Dynamite (16.5)

Strawdogs (14)

Rhea Valentine, Push on Junior (13)

John Ewing (12)

Vena Cava (11)

T.H.R.U.S.H. (10)

Dust Bunnies, Run Westy Run, Speedway, Interstate Judy (9)

Flipp (8.5)

Freddie Fresh [a.k.a. Freddy Fresh], G.I.V.E., Beangirl [a.k.a. Bean Girl], The Blue Up? (8)

Better off Airport (7.5)


[Other low-ranking 1995 notables: Deformo (7) and Abstract Pack (7)]



12 Rods (43)

Semisonic (23.5)

National Dynamite (16)

Who Are Those Guys, Hot Karl (15)

The Kelley Deal 6000, Medium (13)

The Joint Chiefs [a.k.a. the Sensational Joint Chiefs], the Pins, Superman Curl (11)

Detroit (10.5)

Ether Bunny, Mountain Singers (9)

Dwindle (8.5)



Brother Sun Sister Moon (49)

Sukpatch (30)

The Beatifics (25)

The Sensational Joint Chiefs (23)

Happy Apple (17)

Druel, Wheelo (14)

Accident Clearinghouse, The Short Fuses (13)

Mike Merz & the Can o' Worms (12.5)

Lifter Puller, Ninotchka, Magnatone (12)

Vaz (11)

Think Tank (10)

Dave King (et al.), Plain Jane (9)

The Sandwiches (8.5)

The Big Wu, The Buck-Fifty Boys (8)

Baby Grant Johnson, MMF (7)

Atmosphere, DJ Jesus Juice (Henry Mhoon), Terry Eason, Freedom Fighters,

The Great Depression, Lady & the Katz, The Siren Six (6)



The Odd (20)

Love-cars (19)

So-So (18)

American Paint (17.5)

Ana Voog, The Autumn Leaves, Ousia (16)

The Minx (15)

Autonomous, Mary Nail (13)

Brits Out of America, Lunar 9, Rhyme Sayers Collective (12)

Florida (10)

Bobby Llama,

Freedom Fighters (9)



The Mason Jennings Band (57)

Selby Tigers (33)

Plastic Constellations (29)

Jake Mandell (27)

Abstract Pack (23)

Bellwether, ÜberScenester (21)

Mark Mallman (and the Heat) (20)

Sixth Sense (18 1/3)

Tangletown (18)

Indigenous (16)

Hawaii (15 1/2)

Moveable Feast, Ouija Radio (14)

Walter Kong and the Dangermakers, American Head Charge (12)

Radar Threat, The Misfires (11)

The Hot (10 1/2)

The Dames, Escape Mechanism (10)

Landing Gear (9 1/3)

Lunar 9 (8 1/2)

Arkology, Fizzy Lifter, Truth Maze (8)

Bobby Llama, Prosthetica, Debi 7, Sliver, Dixie and the Cannibals, Salamander (7)

DJ Ts, Ninian Hawick, Drunk Drivers (6)

Olo (5 1/2)



Astronaut Wife (44)

decembers architects (38)

The Busy Signals, Tulip Sweet & Her Trail of Tears (29)

Valet (26)

Jan (25)

Triangle (tie)

Sean Na Na/Har Mar Superstar (23)

Hidden Chord, Manplanet (16) 

Capital! Capital (15) 

Iffy (14) 

Raw Villa, Smattering (12)

The Sure Shot Brothers, Touchy Feely (9)

Flapjack, Kaos (8)

Katie Spoden, Dred I Dread, Flim Flam Man, Skye Klad, Superhopper (8)

Keller Brothers, Arson Welles, Houston (7)

Inside Straight Blues Band, Vaz, Terraplane, End Transmission, Heiruspecs, The Hot (6)



Faux Jean (43) 

Work of Saws (35) 

Alva Star (31) 

The Fog (26) 

Cropduster, Kid Dakota, Song of Zarathustra (20)

Poor Line Condition (18)

The Dames (17)

American Monsters, Black Eyed Snakes (14)

Jonas (13)

Suki Takahashi (11)

Iffy (10)

Buss. Jan, Sandman, Oddjobs, Ol' Yeller, the Waves (9)

The Psychedelicates (8) 

The Crush, Tin Porter (7.5)

Animals Expert at Hankering, Heiruspecs, Howlin' Andy Hound, the Mike Brady Trio, Jamie Ness, Satan on the Loose (7)

Silent Iris (6.5)

Grickle Grass, If Thousands, the Malachi Constant, Nationale, Sweet J.A.P., Volante (6)



The Soviettes (35 points)

Dosh (31)

Ashtray Hearts, Sweet J.A.P. (22)

Fog (21)

The C.O.R.E. (17)

Signal to Trust, Vicious Vicious, A Whisper in the Noise (15)

Divorcee, Redstart (14)

Askeleton, Michael Yonkers (12)

Kentucky Gag Order, Ourmine, The Psychedelicates (11)

Exercise, Falcon Crest, Honeymoon Shockers, The Owls, Tiki Obmar (10)



Monarques (69)

Haley Bonar (49)

Revolver Modèle (37)

Brother Ali (36)

Mike Gunther (35)

So Fox (24.5)

Bridge Club (20)

Ice-Rod (19)

Big Ditch Road, First Prize Killers, Tiki Obmar (17)

Luke's Angels (16)


Olympic Hopefuls (90)
P.O.S./Doomtree (49)
Melodious Owl (48)
Spaghetti Wester, Thunder in the Valley (39)
Die Electric, Zebulon Pike (34)
Romantica (27)
Big Quarters,
Halloween, Alaska (23)
Missing Number (18)
The Belles of Skin City (17)
Traditional Methods (16)

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