Attention Gordon Wittenmyer: Johan Santana is not going to win the Cy Young award

class=img_thumbleft>I know that covering the Twins in late September with absolutely nothing on the line is a drag, but can we please stop with these desperate stories about Johan Santana's Cy Young prospects?

Bottom line: barring indictment on child molestation charges Bartolo Colon will win the American League Cy Young award.

Last night Colon won his 21st game, knocking off Oakland 7-1. How many wins does Johan have? fifteen. Repeat after me: fifteen. In other words (stick with me; I know the math is difficult) the Twins' ace has six fewer victories than Colon--who also happens to pitch for a team that won its division and is headed to the playoffs.

Granted Santana has better numbers in every other significant statistical category: era, strikeouts, walks/hits per nine innings, etc. But the victories are what matter. Let's assume for a moment that Santana wins his final start of the season on Sunday (presuming there is one). That would make him 16-7.

How many starting pitchers have won the Cy Young award with 16 or fewer victories? Exactly three: Fernando Valenzuela (13-7, 1981), Greg Maddux (16-6, 1994), and David Cone (16-5, 1994). What do all of them have in common? They won the award in strike-shortened seasons.

So sorry Johan. No additions to the trophy case this year.

(On a sidenote: If I were Santana I'd insist on batting when I pitch until the Twins add some offense. I guarantee he would drive in more runs than Michael Cuddyer. That guy is awful. Please do something about him Terry Ryan.)

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