ATOY: '80s punk band reunites

ATOY: '80s punk band reunites

A Madison friend's band is reuniting in Minneapolis after 20-plus years for some off-the-radar shows this weekend. Here's the email, with a few details added in brackets: "Minneapolis, MN- July 9, 2007- ATOY (A Testament of Youth) has reformed as a band [click their name for music] and kicks off a Summer tour on Friday, July 13 at Wain McFarlane's Sight and Sound [Art] Gallery [501 First Avenue Northeast, in McFarlane's Sound Construction studio; the lead singer of ATOY will display his art starting at 7:00 p.m.; band goes on around 8:00 p.m. They also play Saturday, July 14 at Stasiu's Place; 2500 University Avenue NE, Minneapolis; 612.788.2529].

"A staple on the Midwest club circuit in the early 80's, ATOY's volatile mix of styles, influences, and personalities established the band as a favorite live act among the indie crowd and the darling bud of many music insiders. Since disbanding in 1983, the band played reunion shows in Des Moines and Minneapolis two years ago, gaining the support to re-assemble.

"The four members of the band (Brad Roth/vocals, Mark Penner/bass, Greg Owen/guitar, Lonnie Urich/drums) reside in Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Madison. Current bookings include those markets as well as Omaha. Known for their electric live performances, Des Moines Cityview paper described them as "They're artier than most hard rock bands and rock harder than most arty bands".

"Friday's showcase starts at 7PM with a mingle, meet, and greet with the band. The band performs at 8PM. Sight and Sound is located at 501 1st Avenue NE in Minneapolis.

"The band follows up with a performance on Saturday, July 15 at Stasiu's (2500 University Avenue NE, Minneapolis) at 9PM. Additionally, ATOY performs at Des Moines House of Bricks on July 2O and with Minneapolis band The Slats at Des Moines Vaudeville Mews on August 31." More discussion and reviews here.

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