As if Man U fans weren't already annoying enough

class=img_thumbleft> I had an inkling how the Roma-Manchester match was going to come out when I received the following text message around halftime from my friend Haggerty: "Glory, glory Man United." This was highly annoying for three reasons: 1. I was taping the game. 2. Text messaging is for 12-year-old girls. 3. There's no subset of mankind more insufferable than preening, self satisfied Man U fans.

Roma started well enough. They fired off three long-range shots that didn't particularly trouble Edwin Van der Sar, but at least put the home side on notice that they didn't plan to hunker down and attempt to hold on to their one-goal advantage. They also apparently didn't intend to play any defense.

United proceeded to strike three times in under ten minutes against the comical Roma defenders and the rout was on. In the end they put up a touchdown on the poor Italians. Watch the carnage here.

The only upside for Roma: that awesome mask that Cristian Chivu wears might prevent him from being recognized on the streets of Rome and beaten with a tire iron. Boy was he awful.

And oh yeah: Chelsea snuck past Valencia 2-1 on a 90th minute Michael Essien goal that most definitely should have been saved. Of course I failed to record this game.

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