Another Vikings stadium design unveiled

class=img_thumbleft>Yesterday, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission (MSFC) reviewed plans for redeveloping the site of the Metrodome as a multi-use, retractable-roof behemoth for the Minnesota Vikings. The ROMA Design Group unveiled a $954 million facility that would supposedly anchor a mixed-use redevelopment of the eastern edge of downtown, and would include a light rail train station, a plaza, and streetscapes connecting downtown to the river. In a story posted at

, Roy Terwilliger, Chairman of the MSFC, declared, "Today, we saw a vision for what can be next—a world-class, retractable-roof stadium that can make Minnesota a year-round host to major events—and a driver for development that enhances our quality of life. We have the opportunity to secure the benefits of an NFL franchise and those of a year-round, multi-use facility for the next 30 years."

A graph on the website shows the facility's price tag to be similar to a stadium project in development in Dallas ($932 million for a retractable roof stadium), but significantly lower than a proposal for New York City ($1.7 billion for a new open-air stadium). The cost of acquiring additional land is estimated at $8.89 million and construction of the retractable roof portion of the stadium would cost $200 million. SRF Consulting Group has noted redeveloping the current site would save hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure costs that would incur if a suburban location were chosen. Two designs from ROMA are posted below:

Another Vikings stadium design unveiled
Another Vikings stadium design unveiled

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