Another Profitably Idiotic Week

Take it to the bank, my friends. The Idiot once again muffed 60 percent of his picks against the spread last week, leaving his overall mark at 38-50-2. Because the college game is where his ineptitude seems most pronounced, you've only got a few more weeks to Buck The Idiot and cash in with your bookie.

On to the picks for Week 7...

ARIZONA minus 13 over Washington. It's been a lost season for Ty Willingham's Huskies and they're not going to magically find themselves in the desert.

BOSTON COLLEGE minus 4 and a half over North Carolina State. Hard to imagine BC not covering at home against the obviously inferior Wolfpack.

SOUTH CAROLINA plus 4 over Florida. The spread has been dropping on this game for good reason. Do you really want to bet against Steve Spurrier when he's getting points at home against his old team?

CLEMSON plus 1 and a half against Florida State. Another compelling home 'dog. Clemson is a tough place to play, and FSU simply isn't that good this year.

TULANE plus 1 over Rice. I know the Owls are at home, but any time Rice is favored you've got to go the other way.

CONNECTICUT plus 12 over Pittsburgh. Just a hunch. This has been a star-crossed year for Dave Wannstedt's Panthers and that's a pretty large number they are laying.

TEXAS A&M plus 13 over Oklahoma. See above. An Oklahoma team that was supposed to be much better than it is giving up nearly two touchdowns to an inconsistent but respectable opponent.

TEXAS minus 33 over Kansas. This game has "slaughter" written all over it.

ALABAMA plus 3 over LSU. Yet another appetizing home underdog. Alabama seems like a team of destiny, at least until they run into Auburn.

and the college "lock"

OREGON minus 4 and a half over Washington State. Why aren't the Ducks getting any respect? The PAC-10 is among the top three conferences this year and Oregon is 8-1. The Cougars, meanwhile, have lost six in a row.

As for the pros, it's a desultory group of matchups this week, but the NFL has been my bitch the past two weeks, so perk up.

N.Y. GIANTS minus 9 and a half over Minnesota. Remember what Carson Palmer did to the Vikings secondary in Week 2? Remember how Carolina and Steve Smith picked them apart two weeks ago? Well, Eli Manning and the Jints receivers have been hot all year, and even the injury to Fred "Mute" Smoot won't help the Purple.

ATLANTA minus 9 and a half over Green Bay. Any pretense the Pack had of sucking it up this season pales next to the fact that they are 1-7, decimated by injuries, and can't even be comforted by the notion they are building for the future--because they aren't.

SAN FRANCISCO plus 13 over Chicago. It's about time for Kyle Orton to exhibit a little hubris. Expect many turnovers and a close game.

MIAMI plus 3 over New England. It was a hell of a run for the Pats, but the mystique is over. Their secondary is in a shambles and Nick Saban is too good of a coach not to take advantage. This is the week the wraps come off the passing game.

Last but not least, the NFL "lock:"

KANSAS CITY plus 2 and a half over Buffalo. Dick Vermeil's decision to go for the touchdown on the final play of last week's win is the sort of thing that makes or breaks a team. Even without Priest Holmes, the Chiefs are primed for a monster game. And they're getting points from the oddsmakers.

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