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, and the best sports nicknames around ("Chairman" Mauer, "Sweetcheeks" Hunter, etc.)--announced yesterday that her popular Twins blog is going dark. She blamed the constraints of new motherhood for her lack of blogger energy. Too bad--it was a magical run while it lasted. From her final entry:

Thank you for reading and for sharing this with me. Remember, that it's only a game but it's the best game on earth and it's our privilege to watch it, that everything looks better in Legos, and that the word "ass" is inherently funny. And do Batgirl a favor--when your favorite player strikes out with the bases loaded or muffs a bunt or walks a guy in and the crowd around you boos, I want you to stand up and shout at the top of your lungs, heart bursting with unconditional love, THAT'S MY BOYFRIEND.

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