Alex Keaton, (Republican) America needs you now!

"A generation ago," writes David Frum in his latest column, the Republican Party "owned the youth vote." It's an easy thing to forget, but Frum has not:

In 1984 and 1988, first Ronald Reagan and then George H.W. Bush won first-time voters and under-29 voters by big margins: 20 points in 1984. The twentysomethings of the 1980s remain the most Republican cohort in the electorate to this day ... Today's twentysomethings are the most anti-Republican age group in the electorate.

Frum offers up a list of things Republicans can do to win the kids back, ranging from hopping on the "green" bandwagon to pushing a more nuanced anti-Roe v. Wade stance.

In the end he defers his hopes for the party by a few years, imagining an Obama win and betraying a sense that it may be too late for Republicans and their youth vote this time around. "Young people react to the success or failure of the first politicians they know," he writes, adding:

If the inexperienced Barack Obama wins — and then discovers that there is more to being president than giving speeches — we could discover that the next generation of young people reacts to the failures of an Obama presidency by rediscovering the enduring Republican principles of limited government, individual rights, strong national defense and pragmatic effective governance.

And with that, Frum pointed his browser to Youtube, sipped from his coffee, searched Alex Keaton, and smiled.

Wait. That was me...

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