Alan Leeds on D'Angelo: "could have been much worse"

class=img_thumbleft>More details on

D'Angelo's car accident

, this time in an email from manager Alan Leeds: "I can tell you he is HOME ...released from hospital. Accident took place late LAST Monday night. Due to remote accident locale, he was airlifted by helecopter to downtown Richmond,Va. hospital where he was initially listed as critical. Turned out to be 5 cracked ribs, bruised lung and variety of minor cuts and bruises. Thank God...could have been much, much worse. Since the media failed to pick up on it until late last night, the initial reports quoted the 6 day old accident report - thus the reference to 'critical condition' that's circulating on blogs, news wires etc. He needs several weeks home and then, once doctors give the high sign, he goes to Nashville to resume working on his next album - his first under a new agreement with Clive Davis' 'J' Records. Best regards, Alan Leeds." Here's

a followup

story in today's Richmond Times Dispatch.

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