African Hip Hop, A to Z

African Hip Hop, A to Z

Is hip hop African? I interviewed everyone from old-school Bronx rap legend Love Bug Starski to touring West African hip-hop trio Daara J to find answers in today's City Pages feature "Payback Is a Motherland," which also looks at the Minnesota African hip-hop scene (including Baraka, above, and M.anifest and DJ Xpekkt, below). Curious consumers might want to skip straight to Keith Harris's handy CD sidebar "Africa's Ultimate Beats and Breaks" (or listen to mp3s by M.anifest and local Kenyan R&B singer Fadhil, a.k.a. Fadhili, collaborating with Kenyan rap legend Hardstone). More discussion at DUNation.

Then on Monday, July 17, in Minneapolis, Daara J perform for free in Loring Park at 7:00 p.m., with KFAI's Salif Keita (not the singer, as previously posted) DJing before and after the set (more information here and here). My hope is that African rappers will use this event as an open-air networking session, further linking the various communities. (It's followed by a free screening of the movie Sullivan's Travels at dusk.) And speaking of links...

African Hip Hop, A to Z

African Hip Hop in Minnesota, A to Z

4 Shades MySpace page

African Rhythms on KFAI-FM (90.3/106.7)

Blade Brown MySpace page

Jazio Blaque (a.k.a. Knotty)

Blue Nile Restaurant and Lounge

Egypto Knuckles

Eritrian Community Center of Minnesota

K-Stringz (circa-2000 Tripod site)

Kilimanjaro Entertainment

Knotty (a.k.a. Jazio Blaque) MySpace page

M.anifest MySpace page

Mezeshae Entertainment

Mo-Man: "Mo Money, Mo Problems"

The Red Sea

T&J Entertainment

Umunne Cultural Association of Minnesota

Waberi Studio


Xpekkt official site

African Hip Hop, A to Z

African Hip Hop in the World, A to Z

Africa Hi-Fi

Africa Raps CD at Trikont

African hip hop at Wikipedia

Africanhiphop (MySpace)



Amuse Africa (South Africa)

Ancient Meets Urban

Awesome Tapes from Africa blog

Benn Loxo du Taccu blog

Black Mango Music

Bongo Flava page at Calabash Music

Calabash Music

Jeff Chang on the history of "Che Che Cole"

Johari Cleff Studios in Nairobi

Daara J MySpace page (pictured above)

Daara J at Rock Paper Scissors

DJ / rupture MySpace page

Hardstone MySpace page

Hip Hop Headrush

The Hiplife Complex Blog

J-deGuvna MySpace page

Emmanuel Jal MySpace page


K'Naan official site

K'Naan MySpace page


Matsuli Music blog

MF Doom


Naiha Jams blog

Nomadic Wax

Nomadic Wax MySpace page

Ntama Journal of African Music and Popular Culture

Nubian Underground


Omzo MySpace page

Prophets of Da City

Shadow Zu MySpace page

The Suburbs Are Killing Us blog


Union Square Music

Universal Zulu Nation and Afrika Bambaataa

World Music Network

X-Plastaz at Calabash Music (pictured below)

X-Plastaz MySpace

Yellogate Studios in the Gambia



African hip hop in the park today ( 7/17/06)

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