African Cup of Nations kicks off Sunday

I suspect this explains Petyon Manning's anemic fourth-quarter performance last weekend. The

African Cup of Nations

gets underway in Accra, with hosts Ghana facing off against Guinea. Despite the incessant whining of English clubs losing players to the 16-team tournament, it should offer some of the most exciting soccer played on the planet.

Unfortunately watching matches in the U.S. is not easy. They're only broadcast through some Arabic language network (or somesuch) that most sports bars (understandably) fail to carry. Last tournament Bruce and I caught a few games at the Holy Land Deli in Northeast. They had a large-screen TV upstairs and immigrants from all over Africa were holed up there watching matches. It's also possible that the Sweetwater will be showing matches. I'll hunt down some viewing information and post it here later this week.

But for now the San Antonio Express-News (inexplicably) has a nice little preview. The Guardian also has lots of first-rate coverage.

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