Adopt-a-Duck Sooner Ummm ...

Love college football? Want to forget that the Gophers have a team? Looking to root for a feel-good team as the national championship picture takes shape?

Well, me too. After this past weekend, anyway.

I was prepared to offer you my alma mater, the University of Oregon by-God Ducks. I even had a post half-ready with the reasons, including Oregon's slow, steady climb from obscurity, the team's jarring uniform transitions which will always keep you guessing, and the inherent awesomeness of having a duck as the mascot -- a fighting duck that is not afraid to whup a cougar. I mean, who roots against a duck? Even hunters don't.

I even had a cute and eerie video ready to include:

Naturally, my hubris was punished. The Ducks not only fell on the road at Arizona, dooming their national championship hopes, but Heisman hopeful Dennis Dixon tore his ACL -- perhaps karmic retribution for my Top 10 Worst ACL Injuries post.

Then it got worse.

As it happens, one of my closest friends is a fan of the Oklahoma Sooners, another of the teams fighting for shot at the national title. We had talked about -- should our teams meet in the final BCS game -- going out together. Disappointed I was in the Ducks' loss, I figured hey, at least I can just write a post endorsing my buddy's team.

Yeah. You guessed it. Quarterback hurt. Team upset, chances of a national title dashed.

Now, I am reduced to rooting for whatever scenario will utterly dismantle the credibility of the Bowl Championship Series system, allowing a much-needed playoff system to emerge from the wreckage. Also, I'm searching for a team to back in the absence of any local favorite, alma mater, or even friend's team to support. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

In the meantime, here is the moral of the story: I am a jinx. For a small fee, I am willing to become a fan of your favorite team's most hated rival. If my track record is reliable, it will be money well spent.

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