ABC roundly panned for Philly debate questions UPDATED WITH VIDEO

I don't know if Obama or Hillary won the debate, but I know who lost: ABC.

The network is being booed all over the Internet for ignoring serious issues like Iraq and the recession in favor of asking "gotcha" questions about flag pins on lapels, imaginary sniper fire, and ... the Weather Underground?

Greg Mitchell of Editor and Publisher called it, "perhaps the most embarrassing performance by the media in a major presidential debate in years." Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic called it "a travesty" and quipped, "Don't you miss the League Of Women Voters?" Huffington Post uploaded a video clip of the audience booing hosts Charles Gibson and a sampling of viewer feedback from the ABC website which as of this posting had over 7,000 comments, almost universally negative. DailyKos noted that "it took 52 minutes to get to a question about Iraq" and posted ABC's phone number if you want to call the network to complain (212-456-7777).

Probably the weirdest question of the night was when George Stephanopolous asked Obama about his alleged relationship with a member of the Weather Underground, a group which hasn't posed a threat to the United States in decades. It turns out Stephanopolous got the question from Sean Hannity when he appeared on his show earlier this week.


UPDATE: Here's a video of some of the more ridiculous questions.

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