A win, and a prayer

The Twins snapped the longest losing streak of their season last night, and they did it against the hottest team in baseball, the Oakland As. They also did it on Lutheran Night. Coincidence? Probably. Still, there was a moment last night, as Morneau rounded third, when I seriously considered converting. And then Morneau was called safe, the game was over, and for a second I had the very un-Lutheran desire to climb into the stands and give every one of those passive-aggressive, socially reserved churchies a big smooch right on the pie-eater.


I got over it, and thank God, because while Lutheran Night may have worked its magic last night, it's a whole new day, and JC Romero just gave up the go-ahead run to another lefty, Eric Chavez. Remote prayer, turns out, has no effect on baseball games.

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