A Tale of Two Buses

If you're a liberal in need of one more kick in the pants to get you to vote for anybody but McCain this November, head over to Golden's Deli at 275 East 4th Street in St. Paul tonight. Political non-profit Americans United for Change has its Bush Legacy Bus parked there offering visitors a look at their wheeled museum of what they call Bush's failures.


The bus, which runs on clean-burning bio-fuel, features eight exhibits of Bush's tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The museum rips him on the Iraq War ('Misled into tragedy'), health care ('Premiums rise, coverage falls'), the economy ('American dream turned nightmare), the environment ('our future for sale'), workers ('Working harder, falling behind'), hurricane Katrina ('Epic failure of leadership'), education ('Promises broken'), and progressive vision ('Time for change). Regardless of its political statement, the bus is pretty cool. It has interactive displays and relics from the Bush Years. Tonight they're screening the John Cusack film Iraq Inc. tonight at 6. And look at their Twitter page, it's full of good bite-size posts on life on the road in a big anti-Bush bus such as 'We just got kicked out of he mall of America because they did not like the bus. No build-a-bear for AUFC staff!'

This old-timey Bush-Cheney gas pump is pretty nifty:

A Tale of Two Buses
A Tale of Two Buses

On the Web site for the bus the caption for this photo is 'Monumental Failure.' Those liberals are very punny!

But if bashing a man who is about to lose his job isn't your cup of tea you can check out the C-SPAN Campaign 2008 Bus at two locations tomorrow. An original copy of the Declaration of Independence will be on the bus, so you can feel warm and fuzzy about participating in democracy, no matter who you vote for. The bus will be at the Minneapolis Central Library (300 Nicollet Mall) tomorrow between 9 a.m. and noon, then it rumbles across downtown to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for a stop from 1:30- 4.

A Tale of Two Buses

Here's some kind of artist's rendering of what the bus looks like. When you try to download photos of the bus from C-SPAN's Web site, this is what you get for some reason.

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